Thursday, April 29, 2010


The harbinger of holiday season, Its exam time now! books , papers, Xerox, sleepless nights, no evening walks, no night telephones ( to u know who), No time for a bath and debt at Jacky! Exams days bring with itself a new aura, the very opening of urethra becomes involuntary when the third internals is over and you have almost the whole elephantine syllabus in front of you. Boy 'o Boy, exam time makes the frustrated minds explode and "Brilliant minds" Nurture. Boy 'O Boy, exam time is coming....with my room getting flooded with people asking doubts in spite of me pissing with every word of the syllabus. In Fact, It is the rule of my room to be filled with at least 3 people a minutes..and god knows y these people come when i have the same blank face to each and every problem, Some walk out with sympathy , while some walk out with a smirk on their face! Oh u have achieve a treasure!
Jealously , sadistic satisfaction and condescending are the high priority !! mind it even if you have not started your syllabus!!..
GOSH!! my exam is gonna go good for sure !!
every nook and corner i find books showing things that i can hardly relate, except for my bed and Laptop with hardly has any such weird nonsense! Before in school days, the exams time used to be the test of understanding and mugging but in college every thing gets better and tougher.. you would have a whole lot of geeks, sadistic behavior and mental torture to cope up to.
However, the entertainment quotient is way higher with people half lost in their dream land of formulas and their follies are the icing on the cake. To add to the fun, the night time tea which is given to keep us awake lures us to sleep as soon as our eyes catch the sight of our cozy beds.
Boy 'O Boy i am waiting for the exams, Truly, it might not be fun studying and giving the exams but its worth the pressure for these priceless entertainment.
BOY 'O BOY exam is coming with the anticipation of the holiday season!!

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