Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hosh  posh, splitter scatter!!!" "what is this ? a fish market!!" was generally the portrait of each and every "senior" when they had a fortune of their lifetime of working their iniquitous mind to slaughter the tranquil in their" junior's" face. Mostly the "seniors" which includes me too need to scream on top of our voice to make them hear what exactly we are asking them to do. We don't get tired much by screaming, as thanks to the white collar hierarchy that they have installed a coffee machine, where the waiters(coffee boy) are the juniors to provide you with anytime ,anywhere and any quantity of coffee or tea. its just 4 hours of cheerful time of being the king!! how does it sound?? isn't it interesting or fascinating?
Well!! who would dare to blow up such a chance.
Of course if there are rotten ones, there are also fresh ones too, there were some people who just blew away , not minding such an amazing chance. All he had to do is show his face to his juniors without even considering them as living beast, all just to keep up his virtue. Obviously many of us would have made promises for not ragging or rather screwing the "juniors", all just written in dust , Just one blow of heavy breath is enough to forget it.
One thing why second year are fond of ragging is  that they got newly promoted as "seniors" probably after an hardship of an year of ragging with all sorts of whines and howls that they suffered with , like a kid playing with it new ball. 
So with the fresh memories of ragging , all of us lay down , look down upon our "juniors" and order them , question them just as you were asking a VIVA, And the receivers(juniors) plug in pictures of empty, calm and innocent faces. 
With Dancing, screaming, singing , clapping, shouting going on  admits the loud chitter chatter. likely we have an another cadre of people , who just move in groups just in a motive of" MAKE THEM CRY!!", in animated version , you would be looking like a group of ghouls trying to scare the nuts out off the people!...voila!! they succeed and just to add the icing to the cake, they would make them cry  if not you are DEAD buddy !!. All probably just to get entertained. Who knows if you think you are lucky you might find the indo-Britons mutiny all erupting again just that it is not really them but with subservience,we live up to our name of being indians, the juniors never relinquish (like expected).
The tranquility and the calmness is all restored when the final bell rings. With relief of being freed would lighten them up. with the whole population of entire second year goes to the coffee machine to get the last sip of anything FREE. Wat else do you need, officially authoritative ragging , coffee free and 4 hours of entire BILL GATES life.........
still we ask for more .....why would this ever end, if not the canteen we always have the chai shop right outside the college gate- perfect place to censure them all gain...going back to square one!!!...THE GAME BEGINS!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i dunt know y am i doing this!!

I really don't know why i am doing this. I am probably the most jobless person to have just started blogging just because my friend started it. Ah! that could be the reason to show that i can do things which other people can do. This is probably the common personality problems that most of us would have encountered. Still i don't have any reason for writing a blog, may be its because ,its for the first time that i am using a blog. Off-course , this might be very childish of me doing just as my friend did it, may be because of my anxiousness of trying out something new or may be because i am bored. Most of the times ,i think to myself of why i am doing this, instead of reasoning my act i would probably just wade away by thinking why shouldn't i do this. Even some times during my lecture , i seem to be lost in dreams of why i am doing this , off-course the reasons may be plenty but at the end of the day i just stay  for my attendance.

Reasons are plenty but the choice are really very few, who knows which one might be right, obviously no one teaches you how to reason yourself!! for my case this would have been better if some one was really there to teach me why i think and find reasons for doing my stuff.
Sometimes i think i need an girl friend, i immediately jump into the action , search for one , speak to her who knows i might be even flirting with her but after a few days when this routine becomes same and boring, i just ping myself " Why the hell i am doing this?". off-course there is a surge to find a girl of my choice in college and roam with her around not just for concreting my attitude but just because i need it.
Everything in this world can be solved in millions of comfortable ways, probably you just have to look out for the best one. Best one?? do i get that, should i approach a teacher, i really don't know about that! there are many things in my life that i should have reasoned which could have placed me somewhere better or worst.  Now i guess i am confusing you people and also myself. Trust me i don't know why i am doing this.
This question will ponder in my mind till i reason them properly.Until then at least you people try reasoning your work, why , how and what , when??......may be one day this question of why i am doing this will end...
Now WHY AM I DOING THIS TO YOU??...thinking ...still thinking........ the quest continues...!!