Monday, January 25, 2010


Happy new year guys and gals!!....Life seems to be very strange, the things you want doesnt acctually want you to get it. With many twist and turns , life in short is never blantant and always circumlocutory.
Enough of this no LIFE business, The semester began with a new thrill. with my class unity broken and class being attended while i stay back at my home enjoying life with my new CAM.
Nevertheless, the impact is tacit. The day i arrived, i was stuffed with news more than what i can acctually hold to. I had to placate my professor about my attendance and lab manuals. WHile my friends walks in the streets with many heads turning towards him. LOL !!..Must be a gate crashing incident. Its a religion in my college that the most dumb and lazy goons and goonies(i meant the gals) carry the title of "OH!! My god!!". This argument was fought with many cogent people but at the end the most eloquent person stands to gain the most of the importance. My interest grew more huge and grandiose. Now, its the time to investigate the CASE of "OH! MY god"...
First review, it was simple, this creature works day and night and almost is nocturnal and philanderer except the unreasoning sexual orientation part (:P). This served the purpose, the next day the creature looks half doped.
THe creature moves around with some "elite" creature, who are garrulous, boring and very very inane. The inference, the box rite in your head is not being used.
The meet always, be it in the canteen , at the gate, in the hostel, at the the bathroom( oops!!....come out in flow), they just move around in a gregar.Oh i just forgot, Their new means of transport is from a 2 wheeled machine to a violet hilled 4 wheeled transport...strange......
THE RESULT: I became even more confused moving on to the test 2.

I decided to test their mode of talk. The observations were very interesting.
THey just talk , talk , talk something but most of the time , they talk the same thing again and agian. They are hardly cogent speakers, they are verbose.
The creature under observation is quite different from the gregar , he is laconic. But unfortunately, conveys more through emotions and facial expressions.
Offcourse becomes very very cajoling when it comes to a telepathic talk through a small box which he holds it near the ear. The time flies , and he turns from laconic to glib loquaciousness.

A chameleon is the main characteristics of this creature.

Socialization patterns.

This was very interesting as it walks on the road, he smiles and talks to everyone on the roads, not to the creature of the same sex but its the other. Or he walks with the same telepathic instruments on the road. His Colour changes as the sun goes to bed, he talks to almost everyone , everyone with ease. Phone calls comes flooding and creature on the other end, unvaryingly cajoles him and also obviates him.
its obvious to this kind of creature to obviate him as anyone would do the same for a king being coronated twice.

In short, the test for this observations about the behaviour pattern would come in next paper.
the next paper would have his complete description.