Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Bless all the people for cursing me to write down a new blog after a very very very long time.
well!! The exam turned out to be gud inspite of a very miserable underperformance, i landed up scoring decently this semester.First of all this wasnt a shock for me , i was happy enough to get wat i wanted( but i could have scored a lot) its not that i am nagging about my underperformance. I am greatful that i am not a whinner ,that saves me from a lot of scolding and pityness.What ever has been in the past is past and now lets come to the gift of present.

The holidays wasnt a drag this time as i had planned to make it a little bit tighter by doing an internship in Mumbai.The first 2 weeks flew off by getting used to very very nice food from the bad ones( past!!) which i did bear to eat for the last few months.
Spending time with mom and dad, did the magic of getting rid of the college chaos from my mind( as offcourse my exams too).We spent a lot of time than usual together and had more fun this time. Now thats just left me for wanting more when i go back this july.
Coming back to the point, There has been a lot of outing and fun rather than research and studies. Mumbai being a very inviting place for tourist who wander around in thirst for some exquisite destinations.Gladly!! we were one among them ( now we meaning = kanika , shreya , abhinav and myself ( all from the same college)). We had gone to numerous places like marine drive, gateway of india, TAj hotel, shivaji park, dadar beach, mahalaxmi temple, hajiali and last but not the least elephanta caves. These were the place which we had made it a point to look in the last 2 weekends. The best part of our trip was the elephanta caves. The ferry ride was rather dull and sickening. We were all left wanting to stand up steadily on our foot. The place was crowded and the sun did not show us any mercy and neither did the humidity. However, the cool winds blew only when we were returning back to gateway.
The caves were normal just like the normal indian caves, half the statues were broken and most of them were beheaded ( or was it made like that)..but still we enjoyed. I did enjoy the caves not for its rich indian heritage it showed inspite of its dilapilated condition but because of a girl. She was tall ,pretty dark and always had a fixed smile showing her near white teeth. Perhaps she did come to see the caves for the first time. She was accompanied by her mom( oh! no) and her sister or cousin which i didnt really know. Offcoure the villan of every guy came late,the father came late holding a bottle of water with him ( probably he bought them). She walked gracefully touching each and every bit of rock there (which was suppose to be the statues) carefully. I guess she was out of breath after the first caves, sadly her stamina was nt good. Her protective mom was telling her something everytime she went to a cave or to a statue. Even though she was tired she was getting happier and excited as she moved from one cave to another, by the end she was excited , just like a mad monkey.
I really dont know why was i looking at her all the time, she had something that brought my attention. Something , i adore and really needed at that time. I studied her more closely while we were getting down to get into the ferry but she seemed to be a perfectly normal gal . All of my friends got onto the ferry hurriedly to catch some seats .Luckly this time the ferry was way faster and the current also seemed to be gud as the water kept splashing on us. Still my attention was towards her, now she was not perspiring , she was talking on the phone probably to her brother, excited telling what she saw, just like a 5 year old kid who just jumps around if he gone to the zoo and telling his grandparents what he saw. Now the journey was over , this time the boat was very fast. the gateway welcomed us and behind looked the recovering Taj , shyly showing its heritage and determination of coming back after the shock it was in. There i turned around to find the girl who just wanted to tell me something ,dunno wat still, i spotted admist her relative all surround her just like a mother elephant protecting its cub from a lioness. There she took out a stick which was foldable , which grew out to look like a walking still, and she wore a pair of dark glasses, i realised what i learnt from her then, she taught me to live among all odd ,gave a simple request to help them and a curiousity to learn inspite of ones condition and offcourse the joy in living the life with what u are. Now i was greatful to god, not for making me born like her, for showing that girl to me who really knows a lot about life than me. The trip was still the best among the others. I learnt a lot , not from papers but from people and this time i really learnt it.
God , just dont be cruel to anyone else , for a sweet girl to be born BLIND.