Thursday, October 22, 2009

where am i to??

the alarm continues.......i hear a faint loud noise echoing behind the alarm, it didnt stop , it continued growing louder, it grew louder than the, i am restless i tried opening one eye lid to see the noise that is given competition to my phone's alarm....i usually consider my phones alarm louder than certain laptops itself....the voice seemed to be familiar, and it was cming from the figure next to my bed....the blurring figure kept making the noise, it took a few seconds to recognize this familar voice and the though pumped with an injection of adrenalin,i sat on the bed ..folding the was my mom kept shouting and special reasons..getting up late....i took my phone and switched the alarm off but my moms wrath kept pouring, till i dragged myself to the wash basin to have a look at me and reach for my touch paste and brush...after the morning innings , my mom left for school and i somehow finished one glass full of milk...(burp!!)...with a sudden sense of anxiety i sprint to my room...switching on my computer...being a very very ultra modern comp it takes 20 minutes to boot up and alas my anxiety and adrenalin are ready to be pumped., i switch on my internet router and double click the "google chrome" and went off to collect the news paper and go through the headlines...after 10 minutes the chrome gets loaded and the internet gets connected..thankfully the internet is broadband...something too fast for an old tortoise (my comp)i type in yahoomail id and wait...the curses keeps rotating ..keeps rotating..the progress bar shows"connecting to" ...again i glance at the didnt change...with time, not only my patience was thinning my anxiety was also....i started becoming restless....alas, the main page of yahoomail apppears.....i rapidly type in my mail id and password...and press enter.......again the waiting game starts...but this time...t was very long..expecting a good news via the mail, the opened another tab and typed in anxiety grew as the tab in which yahoo was opened was showing the cursor rotating along the side it just said "YAHOO MAIL" my dismay i havent recieved a mail...i logged out and signed in almost every 20 minutes just to find the same....even now i have written this blog only during that 20 minutes time....again when i open the mail box i get "NO unread message"