Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Hot brownie which i had from valentine kept my thoughts in it till coming to college by auto. Offcourse , also the fight about who being the best - Priyanka Chopra or Vidya Balan?... Fights apart, in recent times , i have been following the path of silence, however it didnt bring out much of change in me as me being a total introvert. The money was being paid to the Autowala and we were crossing the road, a youth ( nothing new) came fast in a bike and crossed us, he probably thought that the girl coming with us would be impressed by his "youthful" sense of driving. ON the contrary the girl was pale and i dont think that she would have even noticed the guy going in the bike. The college gate greeted me ad mist the guards whistling and the rather unusual couple walking in as we walked into our home. They seemed to be different something which they had and i lacked..........thoughts ran like chaotic rats in search of reason, they couple noticed me gaping at them but still kept showing they teeth and smiles at each other. It was getting late now, the dark clouds of time pulled the girl with us away to her territory. I marched towards my lair, I kept observing, everything ...every little thing happening around me. I noticed the argument between my colleagues walking with me about their profs being gud or bad........argument persisted in th background while my attention slipped to the next road, this time it was a bike no bike carrying 3 people on it, all of them enjoying especially the guy in the middle. i knew him, i knew him very well. He was a guy who liked the girl with whom i walked into the college with. He noticed me gaping at him, all he had to give me was a very very awkwardly sly smile. The argument about the professor hadnt stopped yet, it seemed to be abysmal. By this time , my thoughts grew even more hungry...about what?? probably still searching for the question. A burst of laughter broke my thoughts, my stubborn stare caught the attention of group of young girls gossiping at the PMC. I reluctantly changed the look on my face, however my stare didnt give them a shit, they became quite but it was short lived , all broken again by a burst of laughter and they went back to what they are good in. Furiously i paced fast to my territory, which the arguments about the professor being good or bad heating up very well. I didnt give them a heed , again i was lost in thoughts , i saw people moving past me yapping in god knows wat language, people cycling fast and humming music and enjoying the AR rehman singing inside them.The lassitude lights kept moving as fast as the train moves in through a tunnel. Alas, i not only reached my hostel, the argument stopped , nevertheless the argument was superseded by the guy who always does even though his opponent had put in better arguments. I walk up hurriedly to my room , 2 heavens above.....passing though the people screaming , yapping , crying and cajoling . The last turn i made with my key , the latch was freed and the doors to my pretty messy heaven tore open. Now, Though the thoughts have stopped searching for the reason - all it said was I M MUKUNTH and its better you commune your self in this four walls to watever you were searching...............HAPPINESS AND JOY...................................

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The other side

Its been a while since i have blogged so i guess its the tome to begin a new era of blogging. Lols there is not gonna be a much of change in it...pretty much the same but with loads of facts and the blizz for others.

The three of them ran helter skelter in search of refuge from this tormenting rain. The clouds grew grey ,the peacocks grew colourful, and the three of us running in search of the nearest "dry " place. The wind grew strong, the rains dropped harder and the road became a stream.The rain wasnt expected anywhere sooner according to the unpredictable meteorologists. finally, the three thick friends found a shelter to save themselves from the never ending rain. The place was a bilapilated old college building. The three of them dried themselves using their wet napkins. The rains began growing stronger as the drops acted as slabs of opaque water falling mercilessly due to an endless fight in the skies. Shyam sighed and sat down in the steps dejected, cursing the rain. Rahul was busy making his wet-burnt phone work. while Vishal maintained solitude. The echo of the rains lingered and was broken by Vishal's loquacity. Rahul kept cursing the rain and while Shyam kept nudging him to stop. Vishal kept talking about the rain , how heavily its raining and how beautiful sounds it must be making. Noone ever payed any attention to each other. The rain began to abate and the opaqueness of the drops began to lessen and there in the far end stood a peacock with it full feather flocked up dancing to the nature's tune. Vishal grew anxious and ebullient and screamed in excitement as he saw this happening,Shyam saw the beautiful angel and began acclaiming the nature's beauty. Rahul heard the call of the peacock and began estimating it dancing tunes and enjoyed her hoarse voice....Shyam and Vishal got off the shelter and ran towards the peacock ,but the legend took off as it saw them approaching her at full speed. While Rahul stayed back. The dejected friends just smiled at the pesky bird and walked off to Rahul....
meanwhile one of the other 2 friends saw the three best friends and commented" saala, what a piece of shit they are, running after a peacock after all??" and knuckled....while another replied "Dude, they are special!!" the former countered" u supporting them kutta??" the latter knuckled"yeah"...the former fumed with rage and siad : u wanna be those bunch of loosers who call the peacocks crow sweet??" "yeah , it is sweet for those who doesnt hear it"," its an angel for those who doesnt see it" and " its a boon for us to keep listening to us without objecting to us".........." so u mean that they are physically handicapped??", "NO!!...they are just differently abled with different special gifts"