Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This might probably be my first entry since a month or so. All thanks to my college who by far "are still repairing the optic fibre which was burnt during the construction of a new hostel".
Well!! the college cant be blamed for all, its also because of my lazy tendency to visit the CCC and write the blog.
Stories apart, the past few weeks has been hectic, all because of the exams( needless to say any more). The week which completely changed the hostel into a tranquil graveyard which would other wise house the world in it. It is just like a new real world inside. on usual ocassions , the hostel would generally bear a festive look which music, laughter, fights,games and what not.... generally making the heaven of each and every inmate. Being in second year , after ailing from a year of ragging and rules, we have been freed from its shackles. usually the day is quite usually in early morning of 8 to 9, which was not the golden rule in the end of the semester. afternoon bears a haunted look with people screaching from each floor for some reason or the other. Evening , it would be shamefull to describe this world in words .Inspite all odds and difficulty we tend to enjoy the alacrity of the hostel.With you completely free from any rules and any supervision ,the life in hostel is a heaven in disguise.

After the exam, all celebrate their victory of completing a heculean task. Usually that night , even the ghouls and ghosts would dare to step into our lair.With the clock ticking , people from different part depart to their home.
Once at home, you land up with greetings ....a welcome which you would have never expected, The first few days would go out with a craze of "being home". which would later would die out . But the food , care and comfort would draw you at home.
This shilly shally between the 2 worlds cant be the same.
the world in which you have full freedom and in which you are all by yourself and another with a world with which you have lived for more than 20 years....
a tough task to choose!!
they are just like our 2 eyes...cant give up any!!!
hostel or home!!..??? still confused