Saturday, January 10, 2009


This experience which you may be reading is probably very synoptic , just because I am writing this after watching despicable yet exciting movie- SAW 5. Leaving that aside , good times are hard ahead as the college reopened with no water and electricity on the day we arrived and to top it all off with no Internet too. Days didn’t seem to be on my way the next day either with a very tough and long timetable for this semester.

Seeing no use in sitting in the hostel , I wore in my jerkins and set to canteen to access the internet with WI-FI system. The route was covered with shadows with patches of indolent light from the street lights trying hard to show up their existence. Many other seniors were chatting loudly with friendly curses and off course some were on phone with their “loved” ones far apart. I spend 2 hours in the canteen accessing the net .I could have stayed for more but my laptop’s battery wouldn’t agree to stay longer. The time was around 1 in the morning , this is when i realized that I was enjoying the internet in solitude. With the street dogs making their usual patrol in the streets made me a little bit petrified. Nevertheless the solitude drove it off. With no one in far end of my sight , I felt as though I just bought the whole world. The slow winds cooled me and the rustling leaves giving me company. I had no one except for my own shadow. The lazy light glowed up as I walked as the spotlight following a cine star. The cool winds seized to blow ,instead a long silence entered my path. The silence was too much to handle for me, so I broke it up with my favorite song “adiye Kollude( someone’s killing me)” a song from a tamil movie. Being alone , I gave a shot on singing, I started humming the song as the song progressed ….feeling more confident I started singing a bit loudly , the winds blew up as if trying to make the trees to dance to my song….probably encouraging me to sing . However giving it my best, I started singing very loudly squandering all my energy. The wind tuned to my singing and becaming very strong , however I never realized that it was cold…be it anyone else seeing me do this probably would have confirmed that I was a lunatic on loose. Even after the song stopped , the wind didn’t making me realized what I was enjoying which even in million bugs you wouldn’t enjoy. Be it even with friends but no one could be a better companion nor your admirer than the nature…all of a sudden all the things flashed at once within me, making me realize the angel who was with me even when I was alone at midnight probably in the middle of some haunted road dwelled by the nasty street dogs. All I can do now is just wonder about that night ..that very night which made me realize that I AM IN LOVE………, OH!!! YES, I AM IN LOVE and what a way to realize that…………….